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What is AccuLynx?

There is a lot of different business management software out there that serves a variety of trades. But, what purpose does it serve to have a ton of additional functionality that doesn’t apply to a roofing business model? Here we’ll answer some of the burning questions about how AccuLynx​ helps roofing businesses.

AccuLynx is an easy-to-use project management software system that is designed to help roofing companies manage and grow their business. As a hub for all of your important business data, AccuLynx provides features to roofers for everything from sales to production to finances to help maintain and streamline their day-to-day activities.

How is AccuLynx different?

AccuLynx is different because instead of serving a number of different industries, the focus is solely on roofing. ​Most CRM-based platforms allow for businesses from various trades to maintain basic things like lead management, call history, etc. AccuLynx’s software is different because it is designed around a roofing business’s workflows. Everything from sales to field work to maintaining the office, AccuLynx has functionality for all of it.

Why is roofing software so important?

Not only does roofing software allow a closer look into job performance, it’s also able to provide businesses with tools that apply directly to them. They can order manage sales pipelines, order aerial measurements, create inspections and contracts, schedule crews, run reports, and more! Roofing software helps you effectively manage your business, allowing for new growth opportunities and higher profits​.

Who should use AccuLynx?

We already know that AccuLynx is designed for roofers, but who at your company should use it? That’s easy—everyone. There are a variety of components and features that are for each team in your business. This includes production teams, sales members, office staff, field teams and business owners.

AccuLynx has been providing roofers with software for over a decade. We pride ourselves on helping contractors better manage their businesses and increase profits, while streamlining processes.

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