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Did you know that weather can have a dramatic effect on your new roof in Tampa, Fl? Well, Tampa residents consider the weather as a daily player in their lives, as if they were in the midst of the rainy season. So, you might want to secure your house and get an affordable commercial roofing replacement in Tampa if possible. And If the time has come for you to replace your roof, you need to consider our unique climate just as much as you consider cost, longevity, and aesthetics. At Dynasty Building Solutions, we are experts in determining which types of roofs are right for various circumstances. Here are some weather-related considerations for you to keep in mind.



One of the hallmarks of any roof is that it must be water-resistant. With the daily heavy rains that we usually get in the summertime, choosing anything other than the most rain-resistant options is, well, not an option! All of our asphalttile, and metal roofs are the most waterproof available. If you have a commercial building, you might have a flat roof. While flat roofing materials are waterproof, damage can occur if ponding occurs for more than a couple of days. After a heavy rain, we can take a look to see if there are any low spots where water is accumulating, and we can do some special mitigation or a restoration coating to help you avoid damage.


In addition to rain, Southwest Florida sees its share of tropical storms and hurricanes. These can pack a powerful punch with heavy winds, hail, and more. Metal roofs are particularly good for standing up to these strong storms. Our tile roofs and asphalt roofs are also rated for hurricane-strength winds. Roof restoration coatings can add life to your roof and make it more resistant to wind and rain, too, so that is an option worth considering if you are not sure if you’re able and ready to completely replace your new roof.

Energy Efficiency

If your electric bills are high in the summer, you’re not alone. We need to use a lot of energy to keep our homes cool and comfortable! The good news is that having your New roof in Tampa, Florida can actually boost your home’s overall energy efficiency. Cool tile can keep your home cooler, even under the blistering summer sun. Metal roofing is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Talk to one of our roofing experts to find out more about which type of roof is right for you and your home. During your free consultation, we’ll show you all of the options available and make recommendations based on your budget, type of house or building, and any unique features that your home has. Call today to schedule your free appointment!

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