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If you are having your roof replaced, it’s natural that you will want to choose a type of roof that will last as long as possible. Because Tampa, Florida, is a place known for having extreme weather, from strong sun to high winds, daily downpours, and occasional hail and hurricanes, the question of, “what type of roof will last the longest?” is not necessarily the simplest one to answer. Read on to examine the different types of roofing commonly used in the Tampa area so you can see how long each type might last as well as the factors that will impact a roof’s lifespan.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing: 20+ Years

The most common type of roofing used in most areas of the country, including here in Southwest Florida, is asphalt shingle roofing. This is your typical brown or gray roof; if you don’t live in an HOA (and in some cases, even if you do), chances are good that if you do not have a shingle roof, then at least some of your neighbors do. Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive and are considered a good value.

This type of roof will last from 20 to up to 30 years, on average. They stand up fairly well to the sun’s strong rays and they will be fine during typical summer storms. If a tropical storm, hurricane, or very high winds blow through, you might lose some shingles. In that case, prompt repair can keep your roof’s lifespan on track, while leaving the wood exposed can dramatically reduce the efficacy of the roof. Hurricanes can also impact the lifespan of nearly any roof by uprooting trees and lifting other heavy debris; if a tree damages your roof, then of course you will need to have it replaced or repaired. In the course of normal events, however, an asphalt shingle roof will last a couple of decades or even longer with minor maintenance (annual inspection, minor repairs at times, and keeping the gutters clean).

Tile Roofing: 50+ Years

You’ve seen gorgeous tile roofs, and you might even live under one. These are usually made of clay or concrete, though there are other materials available, too. Tile roofing is common in some HOA neighborhoods and they look spectacular on Mediterranean- or Spanish-style houses. They come in different colors, but the most common choices in this area are a terracotta or reddish color.

Tile roofs can last for half a century if they are installed correctly and maintained. They need to be inspected annually, cleaned, and cleared of debris. If a tile cracks, it is important to replace it promptly to minimize the damage. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and large hail can damage the tiles. They are water- and fire-resistant, however. Daily summer storms are not an issue (unless they include large hail), and your roof should be checked after a hurricane goes through the Tampa area.

Metal Roofing: 60+ Years

For longevity, you really cannot beat a metal roof. These look nice, provide excellent protection, and stand up well to the elements that we are likely to experience here in Tampa Bay. Lightning will not cause a metal roof to catch on fire, pests cannot eat it, and it is resistant to high winds, small to medium-sized hail, and even impacts from flying debris, in many cases. If you can absorb the cost of a metal roof, it is the type of roofing that is most likely to last as long as you are living in the house, even if you purchase the roof when you are in your 20s and spend the rest of your life there.

One caveat to those living near the water is that saltwater can cause some corrosion. If you have beachfront property, a metal roof might not be the best choice for you. This is something to discuss with your Tampa roofing professional. At Dynasty Building Solutions, we will talk to homeowners about whether saltwater corrosion is going to be an issue based on their specific location in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Making Your Decision

The lifespan of a particular type of roofing is just one consideration to keep in mind when you are ready to replace your roof. The level of maintenance required, the overall cost, the type of structure you have, and the bylaws of your HOA (if applicable) are also important factors to keep in mind. Your Dynasty Building Solutions roofing professional is available to help you weigh all of your options.

Keep in mind that when you think about the cost of a roof, some types of roofing (namely metal and tile) will raise your home’s value. Also, financing is available. In some cases, you might find it beneficial to finance the cost of a more expensive roof for increased longevity and the chance to recoup some of the costs when the time comes to sell the home.<

Contact Dynasty Building Solutions to talk about the various roofing types available for your home. Your initial consultation is free, and we can discuss the factors that should go into your final decision in addition to how long a specific type of roofing will last. There is no cost or obligation to have this conversation, so call today!

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